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All beats are mixed and mastered, and come in 3 formats...24 Bit and 16bit, 44.1 kHz wave files, and 192 kbps (CD Quality) MP3.  There are NO protection beeps in the purchased product!

All beats are ROYALTY FREE, up to 50,000 units sold!  That means you can sell up to 50,000 copies of your song, and not owe a single penny in royalties!


Drum Kits



Drum kits are the drums that were used to make each instrumental or song. Drum kits packages include the individual dry (no fx), 16 bit, 44.1 kHz samples, 8 bar drum loop (16 bit, 44.1 kHz wave file), as well as the .REX file, for use in the sampler of your choice.

The drum kits and drum loops are COMPLETELY ROYALTY FREE!  Use them in ANYTHING you like without paying any royalties!


Song Vocals



The vocal packages are the vocals from each song. Vocal packages come as 16 bit and 24 bit, 44.1 kHz wave files, as well as 192kbps (CD quality) mp3 file. Use the vocals as remixes, chop the vocals and sample them in your own songs, WHATEVER YOU WANT!

The vocals are COMPLETELY ROYALTY FREE up to 50,000 units sold!  Use them in ANYTHING you like!


Session Packs


Session Packs are the individual vocal tracks that make up a full song. Each session pack comes with between 20 - 70 tracks of vocals. All vocal tracks are dry and uncompressed, 16 bit, 44.1 kHz, mono wave files. These can be used to have your singer re-sing each take, to have a completed, fully arranged song for their project, or to do your own mix of the song. Just load up in your DAW and press play!


The session packs are COMPLETELY ROYALTY FREE up to 50,000 units sold!  Use them in ANYTHING you like!






All songs purchased are delivered as 192 kbps (CD Quality) mp3 files, and are DRM/Protection free, so they are compatible with any digital music device!